Experience the magic of Hayling wonderland

Immerse yourself in wonder at our Hayling Island Winter Wonderland. With over 40 dazzling displays featuring mesmerising animations, handcrafted scenes, and stunning West End artwork. Every corner you turn will fill your heart with joy and wonder.

Explore the enchanting Elfology Walkthrough and discover the secrets of Santa’s workshop. Climb aboard our festive train ride and be whisked away on a magical journey through our Elf Village.

Marvel at 3 miles of twinkling lights and tons of snow that will transport you to a world of pure magic.

Join us for the most unforgettable Christmas experience on the South Coast. Let Hayling Island Winter Wonderland be your destination for joy, laughter, and holiday cheer this festive season.

Winter-Wonderland-Ministry of Elfology Image

Ministry of Elfology

A secret doorway hidden from view,
A portal to a world brand new,

From the Ministry of Elfology, you’ll be on your way
In Wonderland, they are waiting to play,

Through the portal, watch with glee,
Embrace the magic that’s meant to be.

Winter-Wonderland-Gingerbread factory Image

Gingerbread Factory

Stop at the Gingerbread Factory, a whimsical sight,
In this magical place where gingerbread dreams delight,

Receive a little treat, a taste of pure bliss,
A bite of happiness you wouldn’t want to miss,

Explore the Naughty and Nice house, where magic resides,
And secrets of the Elves are unveiled in joyous strides.

Winter-Wonderland-Father christmas Image

Father Christmas

The moment has arrived, oh joyous sight,
To meet Father Christmas in his house of light,

Will you find your name on the list?
Naughty or nice, we can’t resist,

You receive an early present with cheer,
Wrapped with love, your Wonderland souvenir.

Winter-Wonderland-Train Ride Image

Train Ride

Hop aboard the Wonderland Express,
Through Elf Village, a magical address,

Whistle blows, wheels spin with delight,
Journey through the enchanted night,

Toy-making Elves with nimble hands,
Crafting wonders in Santa’s lands.

Winter-Wonderland-Kidz Kingdom Image

Kidz Kingdom

After your adventure, it’s time to explore,
Kidz Kingdom calls, with open doors,

Soft play wonders, slides to glide,
Where imagination takes a wild ride.

Climb, jump, swing, and role play,
Where laughter and fun lead the way.

Winter-Wonderland-Fun Fair Rides Image

Fun Fair Rides

Funfair rides* for children to explore,
Thrills and excitement, they’ll surely adore,

Height limits in place to keep them safe,
Adventure awaits in each twist and each wave,

But wait! Adults, fear not,
Enjoy a drink and mince pie whilst you sit and watch.

*small selection of childrens rides included

For the most unforgettable Christmas experience on the South Coast.

“An Experience
Your Children Will Always Remember”