About Winter Wonderland

Funland at Hayling Island has been run by the same family since it opened in 1946. Since then it has become a must visit amusement park and welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Although Funland has always been a part of the summer experience for any visitor to Hayling Island, in 2008 the staff at Funland decided to build a small Christmas event in their spare time for their amusement and for the enjoyment of local families. The Christmas event proved extremely popular and over the next couple of years it rocketed in size and popularity!

Since 2011 Hayling Island Winter Wonderland has been a permanent installation at Funland and work begins on the Wonderland in May and continues for six months before we open our doors each November. The Wonderland now attracts visitors from across the country and even internationally (In 2011 we welcomed guests from Denmark, Italy and the U.S.A!)

Our team at Funland are passionate about making Winter Wonderland a magical experience for both children and adults alike. We hope that you enjoy visiting it as much as we enjoy building it.

From 2011, Hayling Island Winter Wonderland has been proud to support Epilepsy Action and continues to raise money via sponsored events and Santa’s Winter Wishing Well.

This Year Christmas begins at Funland!

So book now to guarantee your place at the best Winter Wonderland in the South!

What our visitors said

Winter wonderland at funland
I took all my children and grandchildren, 18 of us in total, and we all had an amazing time, we were well impressed with the whole set up and Father Christmas didn’t rush us and took…
Mandy B
An Experience Your Children Will Always Remember
When we booked for our four year old son to go and see Santa at Funland in Hayling Island, we expected little in return for our money – five minutes in a dingy little room with…
Trip to Christmas Wonderland
I took my 2 year old little boy along to see Father Christmas at the Winter Wonderland and we were certainly not disappointed. The decor all throughout was fantastic and the Father Christmas was excellent, could…